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Well and Pump Maintenance Needs



Your shallow wells and deep wells should be used on a minimum of a once-per-week cycle/ routine. If your well, (be it a deep well or a shallow well),  remains idle for more than one week, well water will not flow towards the direction of the well.  

There is an old saying "water will follow a habit" and that is a true statement.  Also, when your pump sits idle, you will need repairs earlier than normal, such as your shallow well and deep well seals will deteriorate.  Also you could have loss of prime on your deep well or shallow well, if not used on a regular basis.  If you follow these suggestions you will have less maintenance needed on your deep well and shallow well.  

It would be wise to have Earl Pruitt's Well and Pump Service come and check out your deep or shallow well on a once-per-year basis.  Some of the service needs that we check are your deep wells, shallow wells, deep well pumps and shallow well pumps.  Also one of the main things that we check due to this draught is the water table in your deep and shallow wells which will cause a pumping difference on your pressure settings.  

Please call Earl Pruitt's Well and Pump Service at 727-544-0718  or  727-439-2300  if you have any questions.  
Note:  You should follow all the local and state watering restrictions. 

                                                                                                             Call  727-544-0718  or cell phone  727-439-2300

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