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Water Well Contract


This contract describes what Earl Pruitt's Well and Pump Service will provide, including our guarantee, terms and conditions relating to your job.  Please read this information carefully.  If you wish to schedule a shallow residential type of well please call us at 727-544-0718.  We will complete the work in approximately 15 days from that date.  If there are any questions regarding this contract, please feel free to call our office for assistance.  


     Shallow Well (hole only)   $ 852.00 plus tax Deep Water Well
     1/2 HP Package               1,770.00  plus tax 3" Deep Wells at $23.00 foot (120' min. charge)
     3/4 HP Package               1,970.00  plus tax 4" Deep Wells at $25.00 foot (120' min. charge)
     1 HP Package                  2,770.00  plus tax All wells are plus grouting and permit fees
     1.5 HP Package               3,370.00  plus tax Plus whatever pump is needed - call for details

1.  We will provide a 1 1/4 inch  PVC Shallow Well (SW) drilled up to 40 feet.  We will install an SW Pump System on a cement pad that includes an SW Jet Pump, a two gallon bladder tank, a check valve, two 3/4 inch hose bibbs and an 8' power cord.  This new well and pump system will be then primed and placed into service.  


2.  You must have a well permit to drill, prior to the day that the well is drilled.  We pull all SWWM Permits.  


3.  Our standard job includes installing a well and pump system above ground within 8' of a 110 or 220 volt electric outlet.  220 volts is optimal because the pump will run cooler.  The best location is 3' away from your home with a lot of people choosing to place it near the air conditioning equipment so that the pump equipment is less noticeable.  By law we cannot wire the pump into the air conditioning box.  It is possible to install the well anywhere on the property because the drilling process does not involve any heavy equipment.  It is jetted down with handheld drilling equipment.


4.  Earl Pruitt's Well and Pump Systems are guaranteed, including materials and labor, for one year.  We cannot guarantee quantity or quality of the well water.   The pumps and tanks are guaranteed, in our shop for one year.  If the system is under warranty, and there is a problem make sure you call us first or risk voiding the warranty. All warranty work is performed Monday through Friday between 9 - 5 PM.  


5.   There is a chance your well will contain iron that will stain your driveway, sidewalk or house (if it sprays on it) orange.  If this becomes a problem we can install an "iron-out" system that will eliminate the majority of the iron.  This system costs $325 plus tax to install. The chemicals to operate the system will cost you approximately $25.00 per month.  


6.  The standard pumps we install on shallow wells are Burkley and Sta-Rite Pumps (1/2 and 3/4 HP and 1 HP).  These pumps are known to be very reliable.  


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