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Florida Driller 4th Quarter Article excerpt, the Official Publication of the Florida Ground Water Association

Getting Started
Earl Pruitt, Sr. began working in the water well industry around age 9.  His father, Buck Pruitt, started Pruitt Pump Company in 1962.  When Earl was older, he started his own company called Earl's Well Drilling.  The two companies merged when his father retired in 1994 into what we know today as Earl Pruitt's Well and Pump Service.  

His company provides customers with shallow wells, deep wells, municipality water supply, commercial and industrial water supply.  

Today, Earl Pruitt, Sr. along with his sons Earl Jr., James, and David work in the Pinellas County end of the business while Christian Wayne Pruitt runs the municipality and industrial part of this well and pump business across the USA.

"My grandfather loved to watch my father drill wells, and my father likes to watch me and my sons drill wells.  It does a heart good to see them follow in our foot steps and become better than we were" says Earl Pruitt, Sr.  

When asked when his greatest ideas occur Pruitt, Sr. said, "Before we start a job, I always look over what we are to do, and I lay it all out; then I sleep on it.  That's when I'll see something I did not see before."

His biggest pet peeve is making all things line up, leveling the rig, lining up the piping and making sure all the wiring is tight.  He thinks the coolest part of his job is having their customers tell them how the job went with them.  They absolutely love to do jobs where they were told "It couldn't be done."

When asked where his inspiration comes from, Pruitt, Sr. said, "My inspiration comes from my father, Buck Pruitt.  When I was very small he would pick me up at school with my work clothes on the front seat, and he would tell me today you will learn a lot more."


Looking to the Future
Earl Pruitt, Sr. said, "Our industry has already changed so much, from pound them down to rotary and two pipe systems, to submersible pumps, to pitless to air tanks.  I'm very happy to see what we have done and now we have variable speed pumps.  The future of the industry is all up to the children.  My dad saw a lot of change and so have I.  Now my boys will make some new and better changes too."

In five years Pruitt, Sr. hopes that his sons will be doing all of the sales and book work, and he and his wife will be on a trip, SOMEWHERE!

Earl Pruitt, Sr.'s family includes his beautiful wife Sonya, his sons Christian, James, Earl Jr., and David and his two daughters Stephanie and Courtney.  Earl is proud of his thirteen grandchildren as they are the future CEO's of Earl Pruitt's Well and Pump Service.  Earl is also extremely grateful to his father, Buck Pruitt, who taught him this profession.  If it wasn't for him this family would not be in the water well industry.   

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Reprinted from the recent FGWA Florida Driller 4th Quarter 2009 Article


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